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Wandering into wondering 

It’s almost the end of 2022. What an epic time the last 2 years + have been.

My life changed a lot. Did yours? How has your integration been? Whatever your experience it was certainly upheaval on some level and to some extent is still so now. So much of what we knew to be solid became fluid and the voices we used to categorically trust have become filtered and altered and now we are skeptical of many who speak publicly. 

We have looked for belonging in a time of chaos and we have looked for guarantees for peace and have found that there really are no guarantees. No doubt you have supported loved ones through their experiences too and if you have children you have supported them through the disruption that occurred. 

The human Spirit is definitely a space where we find each other. I don’t know about you but the stories of Lismore helping one another and Hoody https://www.facebook.com/groups/hoodysheroes  for example gathering communities to help one another was and is heartwarming and there were probably more tears for me in general in the past few years than ever before, as I witnessed these strong communities forming with people stepping out to help others. 

There have been heartwarming stories that fill our hearts to the brim too and friends have had babies arrive and change has brought new opportunities and creativity has boomed. 

Where to now though? Who knows really? Each day dawns and we rise from our beds to live another day and gratitude is present once again. My self-care practices have been scanty and strong like a swinging pendulum but still longed for.  My love for my body and its care has peaked and waned too. What about you?

It feels like the way forward is through breath. Breathing in each day, pausing and looking our children straight in the eyes, being present soaking it all in. Treasure in the moments. 

I know JJ Heller has brought this to simplicity for all of us. This song needs a box of tissues handy but wow it is the MOST beautiful song. 


This is the key to tomorrow, to all the tomorrows. Holding the intention to find the treasure in the small moments. The absolute gold in the mundane. 

I wish you Happy Holidays. May you find a moment to Pause to Slow down. Hand on heart find that place that says yes, I am still here and I am the fortunate one for that. Not everyone has this gift and we will never know the mystery of why time is taken from some. No one is exempt we are all on precious time. May you live it well and BIG and may we remind each other of the value of remembering how precious each moment is. 

Big Love



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