Birth Mentoring

“An Empowered Birth,

Is your Birth RIGHT”

Have you ever felt or do you feel right now –  weighed down by fears, doubts, anxiety, or the trauma of a previous birth?

Imagine being nurtured through reclaiming your inner strength, rebuilding trust in your body, and approaching birth with newfound confidence and self-belief. This is the essence of my BirthKIS Birth Mentoring.

Hello, I’m Catherine, and I am deeply passionate about supporting women like you on their birth journeys. This Birth Mentoring offered from the culmination of my personal experience of birthing my own four children and providing guidance to countless women. It is born from years of comprehensive study in birth, healing, and trauma and I have been strongly influenced by trainings such as Birthing From Within, Peter Levine’s Somatic work, and Gabor Mate. Peter and Gabor are world-leading trauma specialists.

As a fierce advocate for the respect, dignity, and empowerment of women,  my life has been dedicated to birth and motherhood and advocating for women on this path.

Birth Mentoring offers transformative support, effective frameworks, and powerful tools to guide you in rediscovering your inner strength, not just for birthing but for all aspects of life. With unwavering support and invaluable wisdom, the program empowers you to embrace birth on your own terms, celebrating the stand for :

“Heart Centred Whole”

You CAN heal past birthing trauma to have the past be past and step into a future defined by your own choices.

I invite you to take the first step towards a transformative birth experience with Birth Mentoring. Come as you are – all you need to bring is your openness to new possibilities and your curiosity.

It would be my honor to support you on this incredible journey of motherhood.

One-on-one sessions are either online or in person (in Busselton WA) and are a space for you to explore whatever you wish or need to explore and enquire into. We invite curiosity and guidance as you lean into what is present for you.

It may be that you are experiencing difficulty or feel unclear about your path. Sessions are person-centered so we are guided by where your mind, heart soul leads us.

Sessions can include a variety of modalities depending on your needs and preferences and each session is a blend of two people working together to find the best way forward for you.

Sessions are not ‘expert-led’ as is often the case sometimes – Birth Mentoring sessions are  intuitive, access multiple intelligences, and have a touch of reverence and sacredness as well.

Everything is welcome and all sessions are offered in trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive ways.

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